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All your favourite flavours crafted into dreamy cakes each topped with a layer of smooth icing

  • American Chocolate Cake: Deliciously traditional, our fluffy chocolate sponge frosted with original American Buttercream

  • Nutella Cake: This one’s for the chocolate lovers out there with smooth Nutella Buttercream and our signature chocolate sponge

  • Black & White Chocolate Cake: Chocolatey and light, three layers of rich chocolate sponge with alternating white chocolate icing and dark chocolate icing

  • Tiramisu Crunch Cake: Our take on the Italian classic, with an extra chocolatey crunch and our coffee infused sponge

  • Strawberry Red Velvet Cake: Our version of the famous Red Velvet, paired with our oh-so-airy fresh cream icing and elevated with fresh strawberry chunks

  • Carrot Cake: Our signature Carrot Cake, unbeatable in taste, texture and satisfaction

  • Toffee Brittle Cake: 3 layers of classic Vanilla cake each topped with a layer of chocolate ganache and toffee icing sprinkles with our very own homemade toffee brittle with crunchy almonds

  • Vanilla Cake with Strawberries: Soft Vanilla sponge with our fresh cream icing sprinkled with pieces of fresh strawberries

  • Rainbow Cake: 7 layers of colourful sponge paired with layers of Nutella fresh cream icing and strawberry fresh cream icing with fresh strawberry chunks

  • Coconut & Almond Cake: Tropical coconut sponge with sweet coconut and white chocolate fresh cream icing with crunchy almonds

  • Vegan Chocolate Cake (Suitable for fasting, vegetarian & vegan): Rich chocolate sponge with smooth praline icing free from dairy and eggs

  • Vegan Carrot Cake (Suitable for fasting, vegetarian & vegan): Our signature Carrot Cake free from dairy and eggs, paired with sweet apricot jam